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Ep. 66- Two Many Chads

This week Agent Palmer joins us via Skype to breakdown a week in geek! After an awkward start the boys get all into the news and then breakdown Suicide Squad with a non-spoiler AND a spoiler review - and then Chad The Undead shows up. You may remember him from our SNOWMAGGEDALYPSE episode.

8:23 - NEWS: Star Wars TV, HULU docs Bill Finger, where has JMS been, a Swamp Thing thing, Chander Talcum In A Remake Of Splash

29:16 - EMAIL: Disgusting Chinese food, Geek Olympics, Sly Movies, modern Dirty Harry, TV/Movie Rage, Digital Comics, Dark DC/WB, Babylon 5, Sam & Twitch, Our Vehicles, Kid Snacks and MORE!

1:18:35 - SUICIDE SQUAD - Non-Spoiler Review

1:32:56 - SUICIDE SQUAD Full Spoiler Review: well this goes smoothly until Bill's old buddy Chad drops by and has to be all up in it.

2:14:57 Wrap Up: we exit the spoiler talk with a minute or two to close down the show.

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